Windows Server 2008 R2 – Let’s change the SID!

  • In Windows Server 2003 the tool “newsid” is working fine
  • For example working with Hyper-V and export/import virtual machines…(clone VMs so to speak :-) )
  • In Windows Server 2008 (R2) the tool “newsid” kills your Operating-System easily ;-)
  • So what’ s the solution for that issue and how can we change the SID another way…!?

Let’ s try S Y S P R E P !

  1. First we take a look at the current SID with “psgetSID”. You can see the name of the machine and the current computer-SID
  2. Now press “Windows button + R” (run)
  3. Type in “%windir%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe
  4. Choose Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) and Generalize (Verallgemeinern)
  5. It will take some time for sysprep to finish, so grab a cup of coffee and wait ;-)
  6. After the reboot the system is going to change some systemproperties until the following screens will appear. Adjust the settings and finish the sysprep…
  7. After that we take a look at the SID for a second time…Oh look, there’ s another one and the computer name has also been changed ;-)

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